AFP charge two men with illegal importation of cigarettes

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) have arrested and charged two men after seizing an estimated 1500 cartons of illegally-imported cigarettes in Sydney.

The two men, aged 35, came to the AFP’s attention in May 2019 and a subsequent investigation into alleged criminal activity linked them to a premises in Burwood.

Investigators identified three separate international consignments described as containing ‘braided rope’ sent from Hong Kong to the men in Sydney.

On each occasion, the shipments were stored at Burwood.

Yesterday, the AFP arrested the two men after they began removing items from the Burwood premises and placing them in a vehicle.

A search warrant executed at that location resulted in the seizure of 32 boxes of braided rope.

Each box contained four spools of rope, each spool cavity contained about 12 cartons of cigarettes.

In total, more than 1500 cartons of cigarettes were seized by the AFP.

The men are scheduled to appear before Sydney Central Local Court today charged with the following offences:

  • Importation of tobacco products with intent to defraud revenue contrary to section 233BABAD (1) of the Customs Act 1901; and
  • Possess/convey tobacco products knowing it to be imported with intend to defraud revenue contrary to section 233BABAD (2) of the Customs Act 1901.

The maximum penalty for these offences is 10 years imprisonment, and/or a penalty determined on the amount of duty applied to the goods.

The AFP investigation into this matter remains ongoing.

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