Bali becomes ghost island in day of silence

Streets of Bali.
Photo: Tex Reeks

Bali will become a ghost town and streets will be off limits as the island celebrates the third of the six day Hindu New Year.

The New Year is filled with parades, rituals and celebration but on the third day the island celebrates Nyepi Day, a day of silence.

Nyepi Day, Nyepi meaning ‘to keep silent’, is a day where everything is off limits and tourists are advised to stay indoors.

On Thursday March 7, the entire island will come to a complete standstill, no shops or restaurants will be open, there will be no incoming our outgoing flights from Denpasar’s Ngurah Rai Airport, no motorbikes, people or cars allowed on the streets, hotels are asked to block out windows and no street light, candle our house light will be lit throughout the night.

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The beaches are also prohibited as tourists are forced to stay indoors.

The streets are closed and local watchmen known as Pecalang (Nyepi Police) are deployed all over the Island to make sure no one breaks the rules.

Ngurah Rai Airport.
Photo: Tex Reeks

There is an exception for tourists to use their televisions and music at minimum volume in their hotel room but curtains are to remain closed after sunset.

If you were to fly over Bali in a plane during this time you wouldn’t be able to see the island at all.

Nyepi falls after the dark moon of the spring of equinox, where night and day are the same duration.

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