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Update: Man injured after rollover at White Hills 4WD beach

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A man is recovering in hospital after a car rollover at a popular 4WD beach south of Mandurah on Sunday.

The man, in his 20s, was flown to hospital after a white Toyota Land Cruiser rolled at white Hills Beach in Lake Clifton about 10am.

Witnesses said the man was standing on the side step, outside the vehicle, when it rolled in the sand.

Jayden Maxwell told Skeer Media he saw the man hanging onto the roof basket as he stood on the side step with three to four people inside the cab.

“We all cruised up to see what happened and the LandCruiser was on its side,” Mr Maxwell said.

“[A] ford ranger helped the cruiser get back onto 4wheels while one of the guys that were on the car was on the ground knocked unconscious.

“The passengers, in the front seat, were in shock and took off down the beach somewhere, while the driver stayed to help his mate who was on the ground, in shock, shaking, zoning in-and-out and didn’t know what was going on, it looked as if he had broken his leg.”

Skeer Media spoke to a man behind the wheel of the 4wd which had visible damage to its side.

When asked what had occurred, the man said he didn’t know what we were talking about.

He then drove the damaged car, with several others, up the beach and back onto White Hill Road.

A nearby fisherman said he saw the RAC Rescue helicopter on the beach.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services confirmed a man was flown to Royal Perth Hospital.

The man was in a stable condition as of Sunday.

St John Ambulance could also be seen waiting at the entry to the beach.

It is yet to be confirmed if police are investigating.

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