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‘Bull shark’ spotted in Mandurah canals

close up photo of body of water
Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

A “bull shark” has been spotted in the canals of Mandurah on Friday.

Surf Life Saving received a report from a member of the public claiming they had seen a “bull shark” about 4pm.

The shark was spotted in the canals adjacent to Quayside Close near Leighton Road East.

A WA Surf Life Saving spokesperson said he couldn’t comment on the likelihood of the sea creature actually being a bull shark or not.

He told Skeer News that although public reports are “treated with respect” and posted on the organisation’s Twitter feed they are not officially recorded “as we don’t know what the person’s seen.”

The spokesman explained most public reports are handled by WA Police and only those sightings by surf lifesavers or government agencies are officially recorded.

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