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Ceiling collapses after lightning strike in Pinjarra

Photos: Tex Reeks

A Pinjarra resident has had a rude shock after a lightning strike caused her ceiling to collapse on Thursday.

Firefighters and the State Emergency Service (SES) were called to a home on Westaway Road after it was hit by lightning in the early hours of the morning.

It’s understood lightning struck the antenna of the home which caused electricity to flow through and hit the roof tiles.

The impact blew a hole in the roof which caused the ceiling to collapse in the kitchen and lounge room.

The electricity bolt also caused significant damage to the back patio.

The SES believe the lightning pressurised the ceiling space which caused the ceiling to fall.

Resident Yvonne Macmillan said she was at the front door looking at hail when it happened.

“I opened the front door, just to see how big, because it was really loud and then there was, just like, an explosion,” she said.

“The whole ceiling inside has collapsed, completely dropped.

“Theres damage out the back in the back patio area.

“It was just so loud.”

The rental tenant said she had home contents insurance.

Neighbours said it was one if the loudest things they had ever heard.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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