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Dashcam vision captures near miss with car travelling on wrong side of the road in Greenfields

A Greenfields driver has narrowly avoided crashing head-on with a car travelling along the wrong side of the road on Tuesday evening.

Karnup resident Sarah Nancarrow, was travelling home from work, headed northbound along Mandurah Road, near Gilbert’s Fresh Market in Greenfields, when she saw a car coming straight towards her, about 6:45pm.

Ms Nancarrow was driving alone at the time but luckily the incident was all caught on her dashcam.

Ms Nancarrow, spoke exclusively with Skeer Media and said she was in such shock, she had to pull over and take a second to recover.

“I had just looked down to check my speed and as I looked up, [I] saw these lights coming towards me,” she said.

“I swerved and blasted my horn. I have no idea where they had come from.

“As it had been raining, lights were distorted and I didn’t see them straight away.

“I was just like ‘what the hell is this idiot doing?’ and swore to myself a bit.

“I was still in shock when I got home. I just keep seeing the lights coming towards me and thinking ‘what if I hit them? What if there was someone next to me?’ It could’ve ended so bad.”

Ms Nancarrow said, she was considering submitting the video to a Facebook page called ‘Dashcam Owners Australia.’

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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