Fair Work terminates Alcoa EBA

Photo: Skeer Media

The Fair Work Commission has ruled to terminate an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) for Alcoa Australia employees effective as of January 7.

The body’s decision on the EBA put forward by the Australian Workers Union (AWU) follows months of deliberations after formal objection was received by Alcoa.

Alcoa first moved to terminate the agreement in September 2018, arguing the agreement would hinder the mining giant’s ability to operate effectively.

The agreement has been subject to a contentious issue and led more than 1000 workers to over a month-long strike.

On Thursday evening, Alcoa workers were informed of the termination via text message.

Workers were also told an EBA would likely be put back to a vote in early 2019.

In the communication, AWU committed to advocacy for maintaining workers’ current rates of pay, leave accrual value, superannuation, allowances, and redundancy pay for six months.

From January 7, it’s expected Alcoa workers will be covered under the Aluminium Industry Award, the National Employment Standards, contracts of employment, and Alcoa’s policies.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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