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Family saved from sinking boat near Garden Island overnight

Photo: Cockburn Volunteer Sea Rescue.

Emergency services have saved a family from a sinking boat near Garden Island overnight.

Police and Cockburn Sea Rescue raced to the 11-metre vessel after reports it was taking on water after it struck a reef near Herring Bay about 9pm.

Cockburn Sea Rescue said they arrived to find a child and two adults on board.

“One adult and child were transferred to shore while [a rescue craft] dealt with the vessel,” they said.

“The person left onboard suffered a shoulder injury due to the pitching seas while trying to stem the water ingress from the damaged propeller shafts.

“Once in the relative shelter of Fremantle Harbour and out of the strong winds, we were met by TW152, to transfer the injured person to a waiting ambulance.”

The family was allegedly on the water three hours after Perth’s hard lockdown went into place due to a new COVID-19 case.

It’s unclear if the family will be fined or charged at this stage.

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