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Firefighters take cover as man allegedly lights blazes outside IGA near Rockingham

Firefighters have found themselves in a bizarre situation after a man allegedly lit fires in front of them outside Cooloongup IGA on Tuesday.

Crews from Rockingham were called to reports of a fire outside the supermarket entrance on Grange Drive near Ennis Avenue just after 9pm.

A Department of Fire and Emergency Services Spokeswoman confirmed a deliberately lit blaze was out on arrival but crews had to wait for police to assist with the incident.

Skeer News understands firefighters were forced to wait inside their trucks due to a man’s behaviour at the scene.

The man allegedly acted in a threatening manner as he smashed glass and continued to light fires while crews watched on. At one stage, he tossed items onto the supermarket’s roof.

Firefighters were able to exit their vehicles after police arrested the man in the car park.

The man was taken into police custody with charges expected to be laid.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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