WATCH: Fisheries scientists review ‘shark’ vision

Vision: Jennifer Schrader


Fisheries scientist have confirmed the species of a sea creature that was caught on camera jumping out if the water near Mandurah.

The vision of a ‘shark’  jumping out of the water at Avalon Beach on Tuesday was reviewed by scientists from the Department of Industries and Regional Development. 

Fisheries scientists reviewed the footage and have identified the creature as a common dolphin and not a shark as previously reported by Surf Life Saving and other media outlets including Skeer Media, Coast Live, Mandurah Mail and Seven News Perth. 



A local resident has captured vision of a shark jumping out of the water at Avalon Beach near Mandurah.

About 6.40pm on Tuesday, a 2.5 metre unknown species of shark was spotted and captured on camera, 100 metres offshore.

Avalon resident Jennifer Schrader starting filming when she noticed something in the water. 

Mrs Schrader said she was surprised when the shark jumped out of the water as she filmed a pod of dolphins. 

“I rewatched the footage over and over again. Showed other people who were at the beach. Discussed it with them,” Mrs Schrader said.

It’s the eighth shark spotted in the area across the past 30 days, including an attack on a 20-year-old Albany man who was bodyboarding at Pyramids Beach. 

Mrs Schrader said it had put her off the ocean and that she would rather swim at a beach with shark barriers. 

“I’d prefer to choose a beach that has been netted for proper swimming,” she said. 

“I love swimming and it has put me off the ocean having heard about several sightings in the last few weeks. 

“I know that’s their habitat but it’s easy to forget the risks involved.”

She would like to see more positive thought and action put into protecting beachgoers.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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