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Golden Bay man charged after allegedly pointing laser at aircraft

A Golden Bay man has been charged for allegedly shining a laser pointer at two aircraft overnight.

Its understood a green laser was pointed at a Royal Flying Doctor Service plane about 9:30pm.

The Police helicopter was then targeted as it patrolled the area.

Officers in the air were able to track the laser beam to a Korong Road property.

A patrol car was sent to the address where the pointer was allegedly seized.

Skeer News cameras were there as police took a 28-year-old man into custody.

He has since been charged with causing fear or alarm with laser or light to people in conveyances or others and is expected to appear in court at a later date.

The man is the second person to face the same charge this month, after the a helicopter was targeted in Rockingham.

Officers stormed a Waimea Road property in Safety Bay after a man allegedly struck the Police Air Wing with a laser about 9:15pm.

Officers tracked the blue laser beam after the aircraft was allegedly targeted several times on May 13.

A 22-year-old Safety Bay man was arrested and charged with the same offence.

He is expected to appear in Rockingham Magistrates Court on May 28.

According to a police spokesperson, the penalty for a person found guilty of the offence could be a fined up to $36,000 and/or a term of Seven years imprisonment.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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