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Graphic: Rabbit abused by partygoers south of Perth | Video

Shocking vision has emerged online of partygoers abusing a rabbit south of Perth in Waroona on Saturday.

Two separate videos were posted to social media, which shows the group, believed to be from Pinjarra, allegedly abuse a dead rabbit on a rural property.

The vision shows the group throw the rabbit up in the air before it is kicked like a football.

In a second video, the rabbit has alcohol poured onto its head before it was violently tossed into the bush.

Users have lashed out on social media labeling the act as “appalling” and “absolutely disgusting”.

“These boys deserve to be charged and banned from being near animals of any kind. Something is clearly not right with these boys if they think this is the right way to behave,” one user said.

It is not clear as to whether or not the rabbit was dead before the incident.

However, multiple sources say the rabbit was dead several hours before the incident took place.

The RSPCA have been contacted for comment.

More as it comes to hand.

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