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Update: Lake Clifton fire downgraded to Advice level

A bushfire in Lake Clifton which prompted and emergency alrert has been downgraded.

People in Lake Clifton’s south, west of Old Coast Road between Preston Beach Road and Old Bunbury Road were warned they were in danger and needed to act immediately to survive.

The fire was reported about 11.35am and it is understood to have started near Newnham Road.

Dozens of crews remain at the fireground working to fully extinguish and mop up the blaze after it tore through two square kilometres of land

Motorists are urged to avoid the area, reduce speed and drive carefully due to smoke. Some roads may be closed.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services have advised the following:

What to do:

  • Stay alert and monitor your surroundings.
  • Watch for signs of a bushfire, especially smoke and flames.
  • Close all doors and windows, and turn off evaporative air conditioners but keep water running through the system if possible.
  • Read through your bushfire survival plan.
  • If you do not have a plan decide what you will do if the situation gets worse.

Road information may also be available from Main Roads WA by calling 138 138 or visiting travelmap.mainroads.wa.gov.au or by contacting the SHIRE OF WAROONA.

This information may be outdated if conditions change, for live updates and information visit: www.emergency.wa.gov.au.

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