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Debris scattered through Laklands intersection after crash


It’s alleged a car ran a red light and crashed into another at a Lakeland’s intersection on Sunday.

About 5:50 pm, it’s alleged a Holden Captiva and a Toyota Hilux, with a motorcycle in the tray, collided at a Lakeland’s intersection after one of the cars allegedly ran a red light.

Debris was left scattered throughout the Madora Beach Road and Mandurah Road intersection after the Holden allegedly crashed into the side of the Toyota which took out a sign and caused the motorcycle in the tray of the Toyota to fly out.

The impact caused extensive damage to both cars which left one side of the Toyota caved and the front of the Holden completely destroyed.

It’s believed there were no serious injuries.

Firefighters attended the scene to clean up the fuel spill and make the area safe while police tried to piece together what happened.



There has been a crash involving multiple vehicles on Mandurah Road at the Madora Beach Road traffic lights.

Emergency services are working to clear the area.

It’s believed no one is trapped.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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