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‘Large white shark’: two sightings in Dawesville waters within hours

Water police in Dawesville waters after a reported shark sighting in July 2020. Photo: Tex Reeks.

Two great white shark sightings have been reported in waters south of Mandurah within hours of each other on Wednesday.

Surf Life Saving advised a member of the public reported a “large white shark” measuring seven metres in length had circled their boat about seven kilometres off the coast of the Dawesville Foreshore Reserve and about six kilometres south of White Hills at 10:03am.

It comes hours after fisheries reported a four-and-a-half metre great white shark eight kilometres off the coast of Tims Thicket at 5pm on Tuesday.

Its not clear if the marine life spotted is the same or two seperate sharks.

Surf Life Savings also advised two tagged tiger sharks were detected by the Warnbro Sound receiver in the early hours of this morning.

For more information on sharks visit sharksmartwa.com.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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