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Mandurah band Good Doogs cancels upcoming shows amid sexual misconduct allegations

Photo: Good Doogs/Facebook.

Mandurah band Good Doogs has cancelled all upcoming shows, including their Falls Festival gig after sexual misconduct allegations.

In a post made via the bands Facebook page on Wednesday, the group announced the cancellation of all upcoming performances after online sexual misconduct allegations against their manager Michael Grainger and the bands vocalist.

Skeer Media understands that during the week, a woman, allegedly known to the group, posted serious allegations against the two via an Instagram post.

She claimed a member of the band snuck underage girls into an 18+ event, over east, in return for sexual favours.

She further claimed that one band member said “revolting” things to her over text, which included racism and bragging about sexual interactions.

The Instagram user stated she had someone “get in touch with [her]” regarding a “horrific story that only police could deal with.”

The woman wrote that she tried to talk with the two members regarding their behaviour and that she had nothing personal to gain from sharing this information.

Since the allegations became known, the band has copped significant public backlash.

The bands Facebook post stated that the group was not trying to silence any victims of abuse and that they in no way condone any unwanted sexual attention.

Good Doogs wrote in the post that their manager Michel Grainger, who is also the bands drummer, is no longer with them.

“As a result of these allegations our drummer/manager is no longer in the band or managing the band in any sense,” the post said.

“He needs to get to the bottom of these serious allegations and is speaking to authorities to take the correct avenues for all people involved.”

The post also stated that they had proof the allegations against their vocalist were only rumours.

“In regards to the other apparent allegations that have been made public about our vocalist, we know and have proof that they are misinformed, and are merely rumours that have spread.”  The post read.

Good Doogs stated that they would be taking some time to reflect on whats happened with the cancelation of all upcoming events and shows including their tour.

At the end of the post the band issued an apology.

“We are truly sorry to anyone who has been hurt by this, and hope after the remaining members have some time to reflect and regroup, we can continue to make and play music for you in the future.”

The band has been contacted for comment.

It’s unclear whether or not police are investigating.

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