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Mandurah Detectives charge trio over violent home burglary shootings

Mandurah Detectives have charged three men after violent home burglaries and shootings in April.

Skeer Media broke the news that two men had been injured after multiple shots were fired across three Mandurah suburbs on the night of April 13.

The first incident saw multiple shots fired at a phone box along Waterside Drive box in Dudley Park.

Skeer Media obtained exclusive vision of shots been fired in the area about 8pm.

Police said no one was injured.

vision of shots fired in Dudley Park. Credit: Jason S.

At 8:45, its alleged a group of people forced their way into a home on Steerforth Drive in Coodanup.

Investigators alleged members of the group were armed with weapons including a firearm, tomahawk and gold club.

Police said the occupant, a woman, ran when shots were allegedly fired inside the house.

A man who was visiting was allegedly hit with the butt of the firearm, had rounds fired at his feet, and was hit with a golf club before he was stabbed with the broken club.

The man suffered several serious injuries, including broken bones and a punctured lung.

Police at the Steerforth Drive crime scene. Photo: Tex Reeks.

Just after an hour later, a group of people allegedly forced entry into a Killarney Retreat home in Meadow Springs.

Investigators alleged the group were, again, armed with weapons including a firearm and a tomahawk.

A shot was allegedly fired inside the house and one of the residents was attacked with a baseball bat.

The front of a Meadow Springs home after the violent crime spree. Photo: Skeer Media.

Skeer Media was there as the well into the night as the investigation unfolded.

At one stage the Tactical Response Group was called in to assist local police.

On Tuesday, Mandurah Detectives arrested three men including a 26-year-old from Greenfields (who is a senior member of the Nomads Outlaw Motorcycle Gang), a 25-year-old from Waikiki and a 32-year-old from Langford.

The three are facing a string of charges, including 17 serious firearm, home burglary, and assault offences.

They were refused bail and are due to appear in the Perth Magistrates Court today.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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