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Mandurah family left stranded after roof collapses

Photo: Amy Murray – Facebook

A Mandurah family have come home to a collapsed ceiling on Tuesday.

It’s understood the ceiling of the home collapsed leaving plasterboard, dust and insulation scattered throughout the house.

Resident Amy Murray told Skeer Media that they have nowhere else to go and they had to stay at friends overnight.

“We are a family of five with a one-year-old so it’s not ideal,” Ms Murray said.

“We don’t have anywhere else to go, unfortunately.” She said.

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It’s believed the builder came and removed the plasterboard from the residence.

It’s understood the insurance company has been informed, but in a Facebook comment, Ms Murray says they won’t do anything until the company gets the assessors report which may take days.

She said they have to pay to stay somewhere and the insurance company ‘might’ reimburse them.

“I am pretty disappointed with how the whole thing has been handled.” Ms Murray said.

The family now face a big clean up, the Mandurah mum took to Facebook to ask for assistance with cleaning.

Tex Reeks

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