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Mandurah mum sickened by duo’s alleged playground sex act metres from children

A Mandurah mum has been left furious after two people allegedly carried out sexual acts in front of children at a Meadow Springs park on Sunday afternoon.

Mother of two Kimma Jenson was at the park with her 12 and three-year-old daughters when a distressed woman approached her about two people allegedly having sex, just metres from children, in a playground at the Meadow Springs Quarry Adventure Park about 5:30pm.

Miss Jenson said a woman, on the phone to police, fearfully ran toward her and explained that she had witnessed the couple in the alleged act before yelling at them to stop.

“She was clearly shaken, [she explained the man] immediately got up and rushed at her [while] yelling [and] allegedly exposing himself to her and the children playing on the equipment,” Miss Jenson said.

“He came up the stairs to that area at this point, I kept myself between him and the mums and kids in the playground.”

At this point, Miss Jenson told her daughters to go [to the] playground and that the other mums said they would look out for her children while she helped with the situation.

Miss Jenson said the two were hard to understand.

“I kept asking him to leave, telling him to [go],” she said.

“The woman with him had walked around the grassed area to her car. She came over also incoherent telling him to leave with her, he refused.”

The two then returned to the lower play area before the woman stormed back up to her car and drove off.

She then returned several times over 30 minutes, by which time more families had arrived at the park, Miss Jenson explained.

“When the [man] made his way back up to the playground, the dads all worked together, calmly asking and telling him to leave,” she said.

Miss Jenson alleged the man became “aggressive” before he allegedly threatned to “shoot them”.

“At this point, I called the police, it had been 35 minutes since the initial phone call,” she said.

“He was walking up the streets and back to the park [while] yelling at cars.

“[Another man and I] stuck around in case the police did come and to make sure no one was hurt.

“She drove off for the last time, and he eventually just walked off [along] Pebble Beach Boulevard.”

Mandurah Police arrested two people in relation to the incident this afternoon.

The duo have both been charged with at least one count of an obscene act in a public place while the woman faces additional driving offences.

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