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Mandurah Police crackdown on hoon drivers in Dawesville

Car impounded. Photo: WA Police.

Mandurah Police and local traffic enforcement officers have cracked down on hoon drivers in the region.

It comes after Dawesville residents expressed their concerns about reckless driving in the suburb.

Mandurah Police said they are “actively targeting ‘hoon’ activity within the Dawesville area.”

On Saturday officers seized a vehicle from an unlicensed driver as a result of targeted patrolling in the suburb.

Drugs were also allegedly located in the vehicle.

Another incident saw a car impounded with police posting this message.

“Slip your rear end out at a roundabout? Your car goes here,” Mandurah Police wrote.

Residents took to social media, express their appreciation towards officers after Mandurah Police posted about the incidents.

“Such people are putting the lives of innocent people at stake, do they not know what their sentences will be should it happen that someone dies in an accident? It is classified as murder,” Andrew Maritz detailed.

“Thank you for taking action around Dawesville, so many hoon activity happening nightly,” another user wrote.

“Fantastic news. Finally some positive action,” Rohan Mclachlan commented.

More information on reckless driving and how to report it can be found on the police website.

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