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Mandurah rock attacks: Driver injured and P-plater left with shattered windscreen | Video

A man has been injured and a P-plate driver has had a fright after their cars were targeted by rock-throwers in Mandurah on Monday night.

The incident’s happened about 9:30pm, within minutes of each other, on Mandurah Road near the Mandurah Train Station.

Both drivers claim that a man hurled rocks at their cars as they drove under the Mandurah Road pedestrian overpass.

Greenfields man Bill Wells sustained cuts to the face, glass in his eye and minor injuries to his shoulder after a large rock hit him after it smashed through his windscreen.

Mr Wells told Skeer Media the nurses at Peel Health Campus said he was lucky he didn’t fracture his shoulder.

Mr Wells said his insurance company was due to replace his windscreen on Wednesday.

Morgan Price, an 18-year-old, P-plate driver, said she had the fright of her life after a rock was hurled at her windscreen around the same time.

The rock didn’t break through the windscreen but she had to pay an excess of $600 to get it replaced.

Posts made in Mandurah social media groups have shared several other stories of rock-throwing incidents in the same area, and people are demanding action.

Mr Wells and Ms Price said they were both told by police that it is highly unlikely charges would be laid due to lack of evidence.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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