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Mandurah’s Coastal Kebabs owner says goodbye after years of service

Coastal Kebabs is the ultimate food stop for Mandurah’s nightlife but owner Levent Acil has chosen to put the tongs down after years of service.

If you’ve had a night out on the town chances are you’ve come across Mr Acil and his team producing some of the regions quality chips and gravy, kebabs and meat boxes.

The Coastal Kebabs shop owner told Skeer Media he planned on returning to Turkey with his nephew, who has autism, which he had been caring for since he was a child.

“I have been serving people [since] they were ten-years-old, and they still come into [the] shop, they are in [in their twenties] now,” Mr Acil said.

“I started this shop one year after Murphy’s Irish Pub opened.

“Mandurah needed something like this, especially on the foreshore.”

Mr Acil moved to Sydney when he was 14-years-old and in the 1980s had his first kebab shop at the age of 20.

“We were selling the kebabs for 99 cents, we didn’t have any chicken mix only doner kebabs,” he explained.

“We had to go to the bank, get it changed, we have to give the one cent to the customer.”

Mandurah’s Coastal Kebabs owner Levent Acil puts down the tongs after years of service. Photo: Skeer Media.

The kebab shop owner said he moved to Perth because of the kicked-back vibe.

“I had a couple of friends here, the weather was nice, there was less population, it was relaxing,” Mr Acil said.

“At a certain age, you don’t want to be rushing all the time, you want to relax.

“Mandurah is one of the best spots in Australia, you can go to the beach in five minutes.”

For the past several years, Mr Acil spent many hours at his kebab store on Tuckey Street, often working from 10am to 4am on the weekends to serve Mandurah’s hungry nightlife.

“I go home and have a granny nap for two hours then I come back,” he said.

“I’ve done it for 12 years, I can’t do it anymore. I’m getting tired.

“If I was a bit younger, I would have stayed with this shop until it closed.”

Mandurah’s Coastal Kebabs owner Levent Acil in front of his successful Tuckey Street store. Photo: Skeer Media.

Mr Acil said he plans to return to Mandurah in the future but right now he needed a break.

“Thank you to all of Mandurah. Lovely, beautiful, bright and clean,” he said.

“I was really happy with my customers, especially Mandurah people, they are great, honest, friendly [and] generous.

“I’m thankful for this spot, and I’m thanking everyone.”

Mr Acil has since sold Coastal Kebabs and returned to Turkey with his nephew to see his mother.

Coastal Kebabs’ new owner plans to keep the store going with its original team.

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