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Market stall owner assaulted in early morning Smart Street Mall attack

Sam Valdacchino with a black eye. Photo: Tex Reeks

An elderly man has been attacked by two males while setting up a fruit and vegetable stall in the early hours of Saturday morning along Mandurah’s Smart Street Mall.

Sam Baldacchino was unpacking produce with his wife when they were allegedly confronted by the two.

Mr Baldacchino said the men took fruit and vegetables from various crates and smashed them.

One of the offenders then began to approach his wife and said “horrible words”, sentences Mr Baldacchino couldn’t bring himself to repeat.

The retiree said he had to step in to protect her.

That’s when Mr Baldacchino was hit with an apple in the eye.

“I lost it and then I went after him,” he told Skeer Media.

“As I turned my face to him he threw an apple at me. I didn’t expect it.

“[It] hit me right in the eyes and when I fell on the floor, he hit me in my head.”

Mr Baldacchino said he was kicked in the head by the offender.

“Blood was coming out left right and centre,” he said.

Mr Baldacchino said more needed to be done to stop anti-social behaviour along the Smart Street Mall.

“It’s a big, big issue. They wait for the police to go away or wait for the security to go away. It’s uncontrollable,” he said.

Mr Baldacchino said there need to be harsher penalties for the behaviour he endured.

“They should change the law and punish the people who do stupid things,” he said.

“Harsher penalties – that’s the only way.”

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