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Memorial cross taken from Mandurah intersection

A bizarre note has been left behind after a memorial cross was removed from a Mandurah intersection on Monday.

A woman, believed to be a relative of the deceased, posted to Facebook appealing for information on the incident.

In the post she said someone left a note where the cross once stood.

“Some low life has stolen Stephen’s Cross from the intersection of Murdoch Drive & Mandurah Road intersection.” She said.

“We have spoken to the Council & Main Roads, they have not removed it.

“Not only did they have to dig the concrete out but they left us a little note!”

The note, looks to be written on a piece of wood, reads ‘THIS IS NOT A ‘CEMETARY’ NO CROSSES.’

The woman has expressed how sad and angry her family is and asked how someone could do this.

It’s believed the cross has been in the same place since 1996.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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