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Missing Baldivis man found in Mandurah

A resident who picked up missing Baldivis grandfather Kevin Organ in Mandurah on Tuesday has told how he spotted the disoriented man thirsty, shoeless and claiming he’d been robbed.

The 67-year-old was found 48 hours after he went missing with scratches on his legs near the Mandurah Train Station by a man and a health care worker.

A local man on his way home from work picked up Mr Organ on Manjoogoordap Drive after he spotted him disorientated and acting unusual.

The local resident told Skeer Media Mr Organ said his bag was stolen and he had a friends house to go to in Mandurah.

“I asked what was going on and where his shoes were,” he said.

“Mr Organ said he was robbed while he slept near a railway and that he had a friends place to stay at in Mandurah.” He said.

The local man gave Mr Organ water and asked if he wanted to go to the police station to report the robbery but he was reluctant. 

He didn’t know Mr Organ was missing until after he had dropped him off on Murdoch Drive near the Mandurah Train Station. 

The man said he felt something wasn’t right.

“My wife called the police and described the man,” he said. 

“They showed us a picture of him and it was the man I picked up.

“It made me really upset, we went back looking for him for over an hour.” He said. 

Luckily, a healthcare worker recognised Mr Organ, assisted him and notified police.  

Mr Organ suffers Alzheimer’s and went missing from the Baldivis area on Sunday.

Skeer Media understands Mr Organ wasn’t robbed but was suffering from the disease.

It’s understood the scratch marks on his legs was caused from walking through bushland.

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