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‘Monster’ shark spotted at Secret Harbour Beach not seven metres as reported

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Photo by Matt Hardy on Pexels.com

A ‘monster’ shark spotted at Secret Harbour Beach on Saturday was not as big as first reported. 

The shark, initially reported as whopping seven metres long, was spotted north of the surf club about 10:50am. 

However, Surf Life Saving has advised the shark spotted 20 metres off the shore of the popular beach was only seven foot. 

“Shark originally reported as 7m should have been 7ft,” Surf Life Saving WA wrote. 

“Public sightings are reported direct to the WA Water Police. 

“We know they do their very best to ascertain all details about the sighting from the member of the public as best as possible. 

“These details are then automatically posted to our Twitter page.”

It’s understood a communications error was to blame. 

The report caused quite a stir online with many posting to social media to express their thoughts. 

“Someone said it was 7 metres so it must be true….probably the same bloke who reckons he has an 8” d@#k,” Mark Elt posted. 

Another user wrote “7m, I am got going in the water, ever.” 

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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