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Neighbours pull elderly woman from burning Mandurah home

Neighbours have told how they braved flames to pull an unconscious woman out of a burning home on Tuesday.

Emergency crews rushed to the unit on Mandurah Terrace near Stewart Street just after 7pm.

A woman and two men who lived nearby helped pull the woman to safety.

They spoke exclusively to Skeer Media about the ordeal, but the two men asked to be kept anonymous because of personal reasons.

One of the men said he was alerted to the fire by someone he was living with who had just gone out the front for a cigarette.

He said a neighbour and himself ran to the back of the burning property where they could see an older woman on the floor.

They smashed the back glass door to get inside and help the unconscious woman who was curled up he said.

The pair said as they carried the woman to the front of the property, she regained consciousness.

Bystander Shannon Chirgwin said she provided first aid to the women who was concerned about her dog.

Shannon Chirgwin
Photo: Skeer Media

“Those two dragged the lady out of the house,” she said.

“Me and a couple of other people took over.

“She just had a sore hip.

“Her dog was on the lose so everyone was looking for [it].

“She screamed out ‘where’s my dog? Where’s my dog?'”

The woman’s dog was located by Ken Carlile, a man who lives at the same complex but wasn’t home at the time of the fire.

Ken Carlile
Photo: Skeer Media

“When I got here [the dog] came straight up to me, because it knew me,” he said.

“I’ve held her since.

“[The owner] will be very happy to know that I’ve got her.

St John Ambulance took the woman to Peel Health Campus.

Mandurah Terrace was closed for more than an hour but has since reopened.

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