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Exclusive: Family winched to safety after boat runs aground in Mandurah Estuary

The RAC Rescue helicopter has winched a family from a boat in Mandurah’s waterways on Monday night.

Authorities commenced an ocean and air search after several flare sightings were reported to police, spotted coming from the Dudley Park and Erskine area of the Mandurah Estuary about 7:35pm.

Mandurah Volunteer Marine Rescue, water police, the RAC Rescue helicopter and local water users searched the area, including nearby boundary Island, for just over an hour until a vessel was spotted.

A WA Police Force spokesperson said the family was winched to safety by the rescue helicopter after their boat ran aground.

Skeer Media was there as the RAC Rescue helicopter landed on nearby Peelwood Reserve in Halls Head to meet with an awaiting St John Ambulance.

A St John Ambulance spokeswoman said she couldn’t comment on the matter as details were yet to be provided, however, the family was assessed by paramedics at the scene and walked away without any serious physical injuries.

The boat remains ran aground in the Mandurah Estuary.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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