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One dead and two injured in tragic Baldivis crash

Photos: Tex Reeks

Eighty Road and Sixty Eight Road Baldivis were closed for a number of hours this morning after a truck collided with a car which killed a passenger on Saturday. 

It’s believed the car was traveling north along Eighty Road when it was hit side on by a cement truck traveling east on Sixty Eight Road. 

The driver of the sedan was taken to Royal Perth Hospital while the rear passenger was taken to Fiona Stanley in a critical condition. 

The passengers, a daughter and mother were visiting the driver from overseas and were due to fly out on Saturday night. 

Witnesses described the scene as horrendous. 

The intersection also claimed the life of a driver in 2005.

Police say it was driver inattention that caused the crash,

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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