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Pinjarra home raided by firearms and drugs squad officers

Officers from the Organised Crime Squad raided a home in Pinjarra on Monday.

It’s understood, police along with the firearms and drugs unit carried out a misuse of drugs search warrant at a property on Teague Road.

Police sources revealed to Skeer Media a “clan lab” was allegedly discovered at the property.

The WA Department of Health website states that clandestine drug labs also known as clan labs are sites where illegal drugs are manufactured with improvised material and methods.

According to WA Police, clandestine labs are used to produce methylamphetamine in the form of speed, meth or ice.

Police were witnessed questioning a man and woman and the scene.

A large unmarked police van and hazmat equipment were also at the site.

The WA police media unit failed to respond to further enquiries by Skeer Media.

However, its understood charges are expected to be laid.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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