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Roof ripped off Mandurah home as wild weather lashes South West

Wild weather has battered Mandurah and the southwest of the state on Sunday night. 

Strong gusts and damaging surf conditions lashed parts of the coast with the type of winds only seen five times a year in the South West. 

The State Emergency Service was kept busy with 170 calls for assistance from Sunday afternoon through to Monday.

In Halls Head, winds ripped the roof off a double-storey beachfront home and sent it into the backyard of the property behind.

An engineer at the home told Skeer Media the wind “completely picked it up”. 

Insulation was sent flying several streets away while wires and ruble could be seen strewn across backyards. 

It’s understood no one was injured.

Meanwhile, a floodlight at the Hall Park reserve was also bent in half. 

One of the highest wind gusts was recorded in Pinjarra with a speed of 118 kilometres per hour at 10:15pm

In Mandurah, gusts reached more than 95 kilometres per hour overnight.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts conditions will ease for parts of Mandurah as of Monday afternoon. 

Showers are expected to stick around from Monday to Wednesday before clearing up slightly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, with more wet weather on the way next week.

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