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Unrestrained toddler filmed crawling on car window ledge in Mandurah

A stunned passenger has captured an unrestrained toddler crawling around the back seat of a car in Mandurah yesterday. 

Vision obtained exclusively by Skeer Media shows the toddler crawl freely around the rear windshield dash of a silver hatchback in the drive-through of Pinjarra Road McDonald’s, around 9:30pm. 

At one stage, the boy almost falls out of the car by opening the rear driver’s side side door. 

The driver, believed to be a woman, can be heard yelling at the toddler to get back in. 

A passenger, sitting in a car behind, captured the vision on her mobile phone. 

The woman told Skeer Media the boy was being rude to McDonald’s staff and the driver could be heard hurling abuse at the toddler.

“At some point, he was smacking a small dogs head into the back window and his mum was just screaming at him the whole time to ‘sit the f**k down’ but she didn’t actually do anything to make sure he was secure,” she said. 

“When the toddler was hanging out the window he was calling the McDonald’s worker ‘stupid idiots’ and other profanities.

“I was thinking, this lady can’t be serious right now and [I] couldn’t really believe what we were seeing,  especially when she drove off knowing her child was in the window.” 

The woman believes the driver was the boy’s mother and further explained the toddler was left unrestrained as the car travelled to a nearby suburb. 

“They were in the drive-through for 20 minutes, they held up the line because they were trying to get free cheeseburgers and when the McDonald’s manager wouldn’t give it to her she continued to argue with them,” she said. 

“There is no way she didn’t know he was in there, he had been in the window for a good 5 minutes. 

“We followed the car and she drove like that the whole way to [a nearby suburb].

The woman said she reported the incident to police but they weren’t interested in the vision. 

“The police just said they would keep an eye out for the car on the road but didn’t want the footage, which is really shocking,” she said. 

“They should be paying her a visit.”

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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