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Ute carrying children slams into Greenfields home

A woman and two children have been injured after their car slammed into a home in Greenfields this morning.

The crash happened on Olinda Court near Bortolo Drive about 9:38am.

Skeer Media understands the driver’s door flung open as the single cab, 2WD Toyota Hilux, came around a corner.

It’s believed the woman leant over to try and shut the door but fell out.

The Hilux, along with two girls inside, then slammed into a single-story brick home just meters from where a young boy was sitting on a couch in the living room.

The impact caused significant damage to the brickwork of the property and the front window, as the front of the car smashed through it.

A source told Skeer Media the vehicles New South Wales number plates were not recognised in Western Australia or back in the eastern states.

The driver had visible head injuries and was assessed by St John Ambulance at the scene.

It’s understood the children sustained non-life-threatening injuries but the extent of their wounds remains unknown.

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