WATCH: Fire destroys fuel station

Dramatic vision of a fuel station fire has been captured on camera.

South Australian resident Kirsty McPherson has captured incredible vision of a fuel station on fire in South Australia.

The footage shows cars and bowsers going up in flames on Wednesday afternoon.

It happened at a BP fuel station at an On The Run (OTR) stop on Kidman Road just off Salisbury Highway in Dry Creek.

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Ms McPherson said that she pulled into the fuel station just as it was unfolding.

“People were running from their cars,” she said.

“There were two cars that caught fire.

“It spread quite quickly to the roof and surrounding pumps.” she told Skeer Media .

Once there were a couple of explosions Ms McPherson left.

She said that she thought it was going to blow up completely especially when the blaze spread to the pumps.

She was very concerned for the safety of others.

It’s believed there were no serious injuries from the incident.

Firefighters got to the fire in under ten minutes.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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