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Watch: Horses run wild through traffic in Rockingham

Two racehorses were left running through traffic in Rockingham on Wednesday morning.

Its understood the horses were spooked, which caused their riders to fall off, before they escaped a training facility in Lark Hill about 8am.

Police and rangers spent over an hour trying to round the horses up as they ran through traffic along Ennis Avenue through to Waikiki.

Road users were forced to give way to the animals as police and rangers pursued the thoroughbreds.

Photo:City of Rockingham.

The City of Rockingham praised authorities efforts in a social media post.

“They were able to successfully secure one horse on Read Street just before 9am, while the other horse was reined in near Waikiki Private Hospital,” the post read.

“Investigations into the incident are continuing.

We are happy to confirm that both horses have been reunited with their owners.”

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