WATCH: Staff attacked in violent shopping centre rampage

Vision from inside the store (Facebook) and from outside the store. (Supplied)

Vision has emerged online of a group going on a violent rampage in Palmerston on Saturday.

About 8:30pm, a group of youths and adults were filmed smashing windows with shopping trolley’s and hurling rocks and glass at security guards and staff at the Palmerston Shopping Centre in Darwin.

It’s alleged a security guard was assaulted and received minor injuries.

Up to seven people were involved in the vicious attack that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Three adults aged between the ages of 18 and 20 were charged with participating in a riot, being armed with a weapon and several other offences.

Three children, between the ages of 11 and 17 were also detained by police but were put through the Youth Diversion Program.

A witness, who does not want to be named, spoke with Skeer Media saying that this sort of thing happens a lot.

The woman said she heard screaming and then all of a sudden trolly’s, rocks and bits of broken glass were being hurled at security and staff.

“I feel sorry for security because they basically can’t do anything,

“They are just people trying to make and living and do their job, but they get assaulted.” She said.

The woman told Skeer Media that police arrived but the damage was already done.

She hopes that the authorities do something about this behaviour.

It’s unknown what started the attack.

Tex Reeks

Texas (Tex) Reeks is a video journalist and national award-winning news photographer. Reeks' dedication and commitment to local news media and telling stories has seen him build an extensive portfolio in Western Australia's news industry from a young age. Writing online stories and covering news events for Perth's mainstream media networks, Reeks, has covered and broken some of WA's biggest breaking news stories including shark attacks, police manhunts, plane crashes, major crime investigations, and major political incidents. Reeks' interest and knowledge in criminology and policing results in his focus on crime and court stories.
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