WATCH: Power pole fires leave thousands without electricity

News updated provided by Tex Reeks.
Photo: Tex Reeks

It’s believed multiple power poles have caught on fire and left hundreds without power on Thursday morning.

About 4:35am, it was reported that a power pole caught fire on the corner of Murdoch Drive and Whitehead Street in Singleton.

Fire crews and police turned out to the fire and closed Murdoch Drive.

Firefighters had to wait for Western Power to isolate the electricity to be able to extinguish the fire safely.

Just twenty minutes later It’s believed another power pole caught fire on Marmion Avenue in Ocean Reef because of the same issue.

Over four thousand properties have been affected between Madora bay and Golden Bay stretching out to Lakeland’s and Karnup.

Western Power are currently working to resolve the issue.

Power is expected to be restored about midday.

Tex Reeks

Freelance video journalist
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