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‘We are here for you’: Skeer Media rebrands to Skeer News

Peel and Rockingham’s number one breaking news provider has rebranded to Skeer News.

Along with rebrand comes a new look, website, fresh features, more content and updated structure.

Since Skeer was launched in 2018, the network built a reputation for being the first to break stories on emergency events such as house and bushfires, weather situations, crashes, and police operations including assaults, shootings, and manhunts.

Founder, journalist and award-winning news photographer Tex Reeks said Skeer News would strive to provide more community, sport and political content.

“With the Skeer News rebrand comes a focus to be more community orientated, we want to attend your events, we want to hear about what you’re doing, and we want to know what matters to you,” he said.

“We are here for you, to keep you informed, to ask the right questions and to keep you updated on the situations you need to know about.

“Our goal is to provide unbiased content that is straight to the point, informative and politically balanced and right now, we are in negotiations with several other agencies so we can do just that.”

The 21-year-old said it was an exciting time for the Skeer brand with more big things on the way.

“Over the past couple of years, we became the number one breaking news provider for Peel, Rockingham, Murray and Serpentine,” Mr Reeks said.

“I’d like to see Skeer News be number one for more than just breaking stories.

Skeer News is just one part of the Skeer network with big plans ahead.”

Pictured Skeer News founder, journalist and award-winning news photographer Tex Reeks.

Although, very excited, Mr Reeks said he was concerned about Western Australia’s media landscape and the future of news.

“Western Australia’s news media is scarce which is why independence is so important,” he said.

“There are only a few independent organisations across the state.

“Seven West Media owns a large percentage of the state’s publications, after buying out the Community News Paper Group in 2019, while already owning Seven News, The Sunday Times and The West Australian Newspaper, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of media diversity, especially in an industry already falling.”

The Facebook news ban saw all Australian news media organisations banned from using the platform, including Skeer News.

Mr Reeks said it was a significant blow for business and a wake-up call for the future of news.

“It is sad some news media organisations have to rely on social media to keep them going,” he said.

“The news ban was a wake-up call and a slap in the face for news media companies across Australia.

“Social media giants don’t need us, we actually need them.

“The news ban almost saw Skeer News shut down entirely as more than half of our viewership comes from Facebook.”

The news media enthusiast explained that making a profit in the news media industry was limited.

“To make advertising revenue, we need people to see those advertisements on the site. No Facebook equals no traffic, and no traffic means no profit,” he said.

“Yes, we could put up paywalls and have subscription-based content but I think that everyone has a right to know whats going on, especially when it comes to health, COVID-19, natural disasters and emergencies.

“With website traffic of more than 600,000 in the past year, advertisers can now buy, create and manage their own ad space at

“More support means we can do more for you, so over the next few weeks, we will be rolling out a donations section on the site for anyone willing to donate and support our operations.

“Whether it’s a one-time donation of five dollars or recurring payments of just one dollar a week, every cent helps and is greatly appreciated.”

Skeer News will continue to offer a freelance news service for mainstream media organisations across Australia.

Mr Reeks said work is underway to provide an exclusive access area for newsrooms to view pitches, buy stories, images and vision.

In recent months, Mr Reeks has been the first to break and cover some of Perth’s biggest stories, including the sniper shooting which took out bikie boss Nick Martin, Perth’s Covid-19 second lockdown and Premier Mark McGowan’s office emergency.

If he isn’t breaking stories, the Peel media personality is either making the news himself or on television supporting a great cause.

Mr Reeks recently made national news headlines after rescuing two mates as they drifted kilometres out to sea on a blow-up mattress with nothing but an esky full of beers and a dead phone.

You may have also spotted Mr Reeks on your television screens as he starred in the latest MS Mega Home Lottery campaign.

Mr Reeks said has always held a passion for news and television, after experiencing a live news cross at age 10, he knew it was something he wanted to do.

At age 12, his vision made Seven News Perth. The rest is history. He gained numerous news writing and production skills while completing work experience in newsrooms and studios, including Nine News Perth, Network Seven’s Sunrise programme in Sydney and Fair Fax Media/ Australian Community Media.

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