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Woman jailed, $2.2 million worth of cocaine found in toiletry bottles at Perth Airport

Woman sentenced to nine years behind bars after cocaine found in toiletries. Photo: AFP

A Portuguese woman has been sentenced to nine years in prison for attempting to smuggle kilograms of cocaine into Perth using toiletry bottles.

The woman’s bags were examined by Australian Border Force (ABF) officers at Perth International Airport after she arrived on a flight from Doha in December 2019.

Inside her suitcase, almost five kilograms of substance was found spread across six plastic toiletry bottles which returned positive readings for cocaine.

Officials estimated the street value of the drugs seized was just under $2.2 million.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) officers charged her with one count of importing a commercial quantity of a border controlled drug.

The offence has a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The 42-year-old woman pleaded guilty to the charge in February.

She appeared in the Western Australia District Court today, and was sentenced to nine years behind bars of a Perth prison.

The woman will serve a minimum term of four years and six months before becoming eligible for parole, with the sentence backdated to when she was arrested in December.

The Australian Federal Police said her Tourist Visa had been cancelled and she will be removed from the country after her sentence.

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