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‘You really can’t leave anything in your car these days’: Vehicles targeted in weekend crime spree

Multiple cars have been targeted across Mandurah and Rockingham, leaving hundreds of dollars worth of damage, at the weekend.

Mandurah Police received more than 20 reports of vehicle break-ins and vandalism from Heron through to Secret Harbour just over this weekend alone.

Multiple residents posted stories and photos of car damage on social media; the hardest-hit area appeared to be the streets of Halls Head

Halls Head resident Malakai Knighton told Skeer Media she was asleep, with her dog, on the night of her birthday, when a man smashed her car window and took her handbag.

“The amount of damage caused [was] unbelievable, there [were] so many people coming forward with images and stories of their windows broken in the same area, on the same night,” she said.

“The male was walking all over halls head scoping out cars with a torch.

“My Mimco bag was stolen and my Medicare, crown membership, nail salon card, and paracetamol were found dumped with other people’s belongings in an [nearby] alleyway.

When Ms Knighton reported her case to the police, she was told that it was unlikely anything would be done.

Photo: Malakai Knighton

“When submitting my report, I asked what would happen if they caught the man responsible but are unable to locate everyone’s items and the lady told me she was unsure anything would be done,” Ms Knighton said.

“I was then later contacted to be informed that due to the high capacity of reports, an investigation will be opened and appointed to one police officer.”

Mandurah Police told Skeer Media there had been a spike in car break-ins over the past week with six more incidents reported on Tuesday.

Police from Mandurah Station assured forensic examinations had been carried out and that officers are investigating and gathering intel.

A local police Sergeant said the break-ins weren’t just restricted to one area but were happening across multiple locations.

Ms Knighton told Skeer Media she was insured but believes police should be doing more.

“I’m lucky enough that my insurance will cover the replacement of my window. However, I know others aren’t as fortunate,” she said.

“It’s not news to anyone that Mandurah has a high crime rate relating to these petty crimes but they’re only increasing and lack of police consequences don’t help.

“The man responsible for the vehicle break-ins on Monday, stole items with value, along with things you wouldn’t even think someone would steal; boxes of cereal and an ashtray full of cigarette butts.

“You really can’t leave anything in your car these days.”

The car break-ins come a week after several cars were targeted in Singleton.

Multiple cars had there windows smashed along Navigator Drive, Harmony Parade, Botanic Close, Sylvan Court, Rosebay Grove and Royce Street during the night of January 14.

Mandurah Police urge anyone with information to contact the station or make a report to Crime Stoppers by phone on 1800 333 000 or online at www.crimestopperswa.com.au.

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